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Five Reasons to Install a Home Security System

security systemsWhile some people think that security cameras are mostly used by businesses and institutions, many people have started using home security systems to make their own homes feel safer. And thanks to new technology, these home security systems are both cheaper and easier to use than ever before.

If you’re on the fence about installing surveillance systems on your property, here are a few reasons that may push you over the edge:

  1. Being robbed is a natural fear for many people. While it may not be a phobia, almost everyone has become alarmed by a strange noise in the middle of the night. Installing a security system is the best way to give you peace of mind when things go bump in the night.
  2. While the system will protect you against burglars, the sight of the security cameras themselves may deter a person from breaking and entering into your home. Many people use dummy cameras for this same purpose, but just because a burglar sees a camera doesn’t mean they will stop. It’s possible that they are able to tell that the camera is fake. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken into. Installing a real one will give you a safety net, and provide evidence in the event of a crime.
  3. Speaking of evidence, many times when people are robbed, the burglars do a very good job at keeping the home tidy, often making it difficult to prove that the home has been broken into, rather than something simply being misplaced. Security systems are able to catch the culprits in the act to provide police or court evidence.
  4. Nanny cameras offer a different sense of security for parents who cannot be assured of their children’s safety unless they are able to see them. Nanny cams can soothe anxious parents while also allowing them to live their own lives, uninterrupted. You can even set up a nanny camera to view remotely from work or thousands of miles away.
  5. Sometimes you may simply want to stay informed about what’s going on in and around your home. Knowing who’s at the front door, for example, can be a simple, convenient approach to dealing with unwanted solicitors or strangers that approach your doorstep.

In the modern world, one can never be too prepared for the unknown. Silver Hammer Surveillance provides the bestsecurity systems Omaha has to offer.

Top Reasons to Use a Shredding Service

shredding serviceDo you work in a business where you handle sensitive information? Many companies do. From medical and legal offices to real estate and credit companies.There are a lot of places that could be repositories of personal data. With privacy laws becoming more and more strict, it is becoming more and more tempting to farm out your shredding to shredding services. There are a lot of benefits to taking your documents to an outside firm such as a shredding service to deal with them.

Top Benefits of Shredding Services:

  • They give everyone a higher level of peace of mind. In recent years, data breaches have become almost commonplace. You hear on the news almost all the time that this company or that has suffered data breach and thousands of customers’ sensitive information has been stolen or compromised in some other way. When you use a shredding services company, you know that the documents and records that you give them will be properly disposed of. The information they contain can never be compromised.
  • The information cannot be recovered. When you go with a reputable document shredding services company, they shred the materials in such a way that they can never be reconstituted. Therefore, the information on those documents cannot be retrieved or recovered. Once shredded, the mix is combined with the shredded files from other companies to make retrieving that information even more impossible.
  • Shredding services keep you in compliance. For many kinds of businesses, shredding services are not optional. Some kinds of businesses, such as medical practices, have to comply with state and federal laws. There are significant penalties associated with non-compliance. If a business is found to have been negligent when handling sensitive data, they can be fined. The fines that are levied as a consequence are incredibly heavy and can run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.
  • Using shredding services can save your reputation. No company looks good when they have allowed their customers data to have been compromised. No company is immune from having their reputation hurt by such a breach. When Target was hacked and many of their customers’ data was stolen, it was very bad for their business. People did not want to shop at a place where their credit card information was not safe. That only makes sense. If your clients or customers’ data has the same fate with you, how do you think that will impact your reputation? Using a shredding services company can save you that worry.
  • It is very cost effective. Think you can handle it all in house? Think again. The shredders used by professional shredding services companies are industrial strength. You may think that the shredders you have in your office can manage the volume of shredding but nothing on the market today for general office use can really handle high volumes of shredding. Your shredder will break down and then you will have to buy a new one. Add to that the fact that you have to have staff handle that, which takes them away from their regular job and you can see that it is actually more cost effective to outsource this to a shredding services company.
  • It is good for the environment. All of the paper that is shredded by document shredding services companies is recycled. This saves it from going to landfills where it joins millions of tons of paper that arrive there daily. Paper that ends up in landfills adds to global warming. Paper that is shredded by a service is recycled.
  • Helps you with customer trust. When you use a professional shredding services company, you can reassure your customers and clients that their sensitive information is destroyed in a secure process. This will show them that you take the security of their data very seriously. This will help your reputation and can help you grow your business. Consumers appreciate it when their personal data is protected.

Many companies think it is more cost effective to buy a few shredders and have their shredding done in house. Professional documents shredding services provide very good customer service at reasonable rates. They make it easy to provide customers and clients the peace of mind that comes with proper handling of their sensitive data.

Why Cloud Hosting Is Cool

cloudhosting5Computer science might seem like the sexiest thing in the world, but when all things are considered, cloud hosting and computing is cool. Here are a few reasons why.

No More Backups or Down Time.
One of the main reasons cloud hosting and computing is so cool is that it eliminates the need for backups and the risk of downtime. While other web host services store every bit of companies’ data on one of their many servers, cloud hosting services spread their clients’ data over their network of cloud servers, which means that if one server goes down, the website will be able to stay up, and operational, unlike what will happen with other website hosting services. This also means that cloud hosting servers eliminate the need for backing things up.

Everybody’s Doing It.
If popularity were a measurement of “coolness,” then cloud hosting and computing is definitely cool. Not only are 87% of companies already operating in the cloud, but it’s expected that by the end of the year, end-user spending on cloud services could top $180 billion. By 2018, it’s predicted that the global market for cloud hosting and computing equipment will reach some $79.1 billion.

It Makes Your Company Better.
The main reason why cloud hosting and computing is so cool, though, is because it makes your company smarter, better, faster, stronger, and more cost-efficient. According to recent surveys, 82% of companies were able to save money by moving to the cloud, scaling their IT costs back and eliminating the need for expensive data centers, and 80% of cloud adopters saw improvements within six months of moving to the cloud.

The facts speak for themselves: cloud computing and hosting is cool. It’s the smart new way to host a website, and do business online in the modern world.

If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments.

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