Firewall Testing Considerations

Cyber security is one of the perennially important issues in the day to day lives of just about anyone who has a computer. When it comes to installing and using protective software, firewalls, et cetera, few people actually bother to actively test these defenses after the initial download. If you are truly serious about keeping hackers and other cyber evildoers at bay, regular firewall testing is one of the best ways to go about it.

Firewall testing, as the name might imply, involves trying to get around your firewall defenses in order to find any weaknesses. Many firewall testing companies are indeed out there on the internet, but since you are essentially giving a third party license to try to hack into your system in order to find weaknesses, it behooves you to find the most reputable firewall testing firm you can afford. Execute a search engine query for reliable firewall testing service reviews, and eliminate any firewall testing firms with overwhelmingly negative feedback. By the same token, you should also make a note of the firewall testing services that consistently receive glowing reviews.

Take your short list of well reviewed firewall testing firms, and go to the site of a consumer protection agency. Enter the information on each of your firewall testing firms on the consumer protection agency website, and see if there are any major red flags that come up for any of them. Obviously, if there is a long history of bad behavior that turns up in this step, you should eliminate these firewall testing firms from the running. Once you have read all the reviews on the consumer protection site, choose the best firewall testing firm left standing that suits your budget. You should soon have one of the most secure computers in the neighborhood!

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