Use care when making proxy server configuration changes

Any time changes are made to a proxy server configuration, all the effects of the change need to be anticipated and taken into consideration before it is put into place. The proxy server exists to serve a body of computers and the associated users could be affected by proxy server configuration changes made since the connection of up to thousands of users is dependent on the successful communication of the client computers with the proxy server, and the proxy server connectivity out to the internet.

As with any system change that has the potential to have a negative impact on a body of computers, any time proxy server configuration changes are desired, the change process of your company should be adhered to before actually inputting the proxy server configuration change. A typical change process involves a group review by a team of peers, where the opportunity exists for them to voice concerns or ask questions regarding the intended change with the goal of bringing to light possible issues that the proxy server configuration change might precipitate that had not been anticipated as part of the original plan.

This does not guarantee that the modifications made to the proxy server configuration will not have undesirable side effects, as any modification to a server or device that services mass quantities of users can be adversely affected even from the slightest change, even if that change seems sound and harmless after a thorough review. The nature of technology is that there are so many variables, and each of them having dependencies and relationships with functions that may not be evident on the surface. These are often the cause of outages and malfunctions of the system after a proxy server configuration has been made, even after a complete peer review and management approval process.

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