Finding and Using a Proxy Server

When it comes to implementing a time honored and successful way to add an extra layer of privacy and security to your web surfing activities, you can hardly go wrong with a reliable proxy server. A proxy server acts as a third party buffer zone between your computer and the computers you are requesting information from online, thus concealing your real IP address, and catching any viruses or buggy files before they can infect your network. The use of a proxy server has gotten so popular over the years that most major web browsers offer an easy way to connect to the proxy server of your choice, and can be successfully used whether or not you are particularly tech savvy.

However, you should do your research in order to find a reliable proxy server to use. Remember, the proxy server you choose will be able to record your online activities, so it is absolutely imperative that you find a server with a spotless reputation. To start your quest, enter the phrase reliable proxy server reviews into your search engine of choice. Look through as many reviews as you can, and choose the most reliable and cost effective proxy server you can find. Bookmark the information for your proxy server of choice, and determine how to connect your proxy server to your computers.

Generally, a search engine query for the phrase how to connect to a proxy server, as well as the name and version of your internet browser of choice, should yield several results that can walk you through the setup process one step at a time. Refer back to the bookmarked information on your proxy server of choice mentioned earlier, and your instructions should be able to tell you exactly which pieces of information to add to certain fields. With any luck, you should be surfing safely in no time!

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