BYOD Can be Very Beneficial if Devices are Properly Secured

Mobile application management

In February, 2012, an Enterasys survey found that nearly three quarters of companies allow some level of bring your own device, or BYOD, usage. Although BYOD can be useful, and will allow individuals to get work done while on the go, businesses need to make sure that they have some type of mobile device management plan that makes iPhone security a priority. One of the biggest challenges that companies who use BYOD can face is security. So having an iPhone security plan in place can be very useful to make sure that vital information is not lost or stolen.

Some businesses will find that the best iPhone security they need is patch management software. However, they might also use a Desktop Management Interface, or DMI, that is an industry framework used for managing both hardware and software components in a business model that features BYOD elements. In addition, businesses might want to use the free tool that Apple offers, known as Configurator, which allows users to configure up to 30 iOS devices at the same time. Whatever the case, using advanced technology is a great way for companies to get the iPhone security they need to protect important data.

Because cloud based architecture is integral to BYOD business models, iPhone security is important to avoid having data lost or stolen. While every company will use different iPhone management plans, and there might not be one that will work for everybody, having one in place is always a good idea. They can provide the iPhone security companies need to make sure that workers need to feel confident that their work is safe while working away from the office Helpful links.

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