Three Ways A Free Fire Wall Compares To A Costlier One

Free zone alarm

The main concern that people have today with a free fire wall is they feel it will not guarantee them security or safety. But in actuality, a free fire wall has many comparable features as a fire wall that companies charge customers to use. There are three main benefits in particular of choosing a free fire wall and three important points to note about going with this kind of tool.

One, a free fire wall can offer just as much protection as a fire wall that costs something. A Comodo free firewall, for instance, even comes with Comodo free antivirus software too, so there is protection against hackers and against viruses caused by these hackers too. A neat little package like this could protect a computer or a host of computers for a specified time period, which would cost absolutely nothing to the consumers or the businesses using them.

Two, a free fire wall like a free Comodo firewall has the same number of features that protect these devices, just without the costs. Companies like Comodo that choose not to charge customers for these services are not necessarily doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They make their money in other ways and realize that by implementing just one program that becomes accessible to millions of clients, they are promoting themselves as viable units rather than as companies that charge for the services that others give away for free.

Three, a free fire wall is just as safe as a fire wall that costs money. Companies need only look at the industry ratings for the best free firewall cnet has available by looking this information up online. All manner of free computer downloads are rated by industry experts and by regular consumers, who usually give great details on why they liked or did not like using a particular download or free fire wall. These ratings often look at safety as the No. 1 factor and then look at many other areas as well to ultimately pick their best bets for a free fire wall or another free piece of software or download.

In summation, a free fire wall works very much the same as one that costs money. Consumers needing guarantees should look up reviews and industry ratings to verify that what they are purchasing is worth it. After that, having free protection can be extremely cost effective.

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