Zone Alarm Free Firewall Offers Users a Facebook Privacy Tracker Amongst Other Bonus Features

Zone alarm firewall

No matter how secure you think your computer is, most of us eventually realize that we are vulnerable. Vulnerable to hackers looking for valuable passwords and personal information. Vulnerable to viruses that break through the supposedly impenetrable forcefield of our anti virus software. Vulnerable to botnets weaseling their way into our digital lives, attempting to conquer our computers like some sneaky sci fi trojan empire. Fortunately, it turns out that there may be a solution to all of these dangers. That solution is Zone Alarm Free Firewall.

What makes Zone Alarm Free Firewall so terrific? First of all, it is considered the best free firewall CNET has reviewed in the recent past. As well, you can download Zonealarm free online at if you just want the basic software. The Zonealarm free download offers a two way firewall that will make you invisible to hackers, as well as a privacy and security tool bar that allows you to have a discreet web browsing experience beyond the reach of prying eyes.

Zone Alarm Free Firewall is super easy to download and install, and it handles program control without a lot of pop ups. As a bonus, it comes with a full year of credit protection. That should make you feel doubly secure! Zone Alarm Free Firewall even includes a Facebook Privacy Tracker, so you can have peace of mind while you are catching up with your friends.

Should you be interested in ZoneAlarm PRO Antivirus and Firewall for the very best protection available, the cost is only $19.95. The pro version of Zonealarm firewall provides the same protections as the Zonealarm free download, plus much more! Not only does it detect and block viruses from infecting your computer, spyware, trojan horses, worms, and bots are no match for Zonealarm. The frosting on the cake is that if you buy the professional version of Zonealarm, you will have guaranteed access to live chat 24 hours a day, and you can get the latest version upgrades for free!

Whether you buy the professional version or download the Zone Alarm Free Firewall software, you and your computer will enjoy a much higher degree of safety and security. Zone Alarm Free Firewall is capable of controlling application access as well as resisting direct cyber attacks. You really could not ask for better protection than you will get from Zone Alarm Free Firewall.

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