Your Computer Is Like Any Valuable, It Needs Protection

Free zone alarm

Computers might come with instruction manuals, but they do not come with clear-cut instructions on how to keep them safe once you connect them to the internet. Many people do not realize that the internet is a dangerous place for a computer. Fortunately, you have two great options when it comes to free firewall downloads. A firewall can help your computer stay protected against viruses and other malware programs. Here is more information on the free Comodo firewall, and free Zone Alarm firewall that you might consider.

  • Comodo Firewall
  • The Comodo firewall free to download is an excellent choice if only because it has a five star rating from CNET, an industry leader and review service for electronics and software. This firewall will help to protect your computer not only from viruses and malware, but also from hackers. This Comodo firewall free software can even be somewhat customized, so that you can tell it which software is safe to operate, and it will not raise the alert every time that you decide to run a computer program that you trust. The system automatically updates, and is even able to detect malware that has only been in existence for less than a day.

  • Zone Alarm Firewall
  • If you download Zone Alarm free firewall software, you will also be benefiting from a program with a five star rating on CNET, making it one of the best free firewall CNET can recommend. This software can help make your computer invisible to hackers, instantly disable a program that has malicious intent, and catch the threats that other firewalls miss. Some of these threats are timing, SCM or COM attacks, and raw data access. Another added benefit is that it can begin shielding your system from start-up, which is where most other programs lack because they are only protecting your system when they have loaded up.

Whether you choose a Comodo firewall free download or Zone Alarm, it is important to simply make sure that your computer is protected. You can take measures as well, and protect your computer by not opening spam emails, clicking on suspicious links, visiting untrusted or strange sites, and not downloading anything if you are not sure about the integrity of the creator. The internet is a dangerous place for a computer, so make sure that yours is protected and that you also practice safe surfing.

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