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With the increase in smartphone and mobile device use, effective product marketing strategies are more important than ever before. In recent years, internet marketing tactics have grown exponentially as more people are connected to the internet 24 hours a day with these mobile devices. While responsive web design, search engine optimization, and sponsored ads have made their case for best marketing practices, do not underestimate the use of a solid email marketing plan.

Email is still the number one use of the internet today. People log into their email periodically, and check it regularly using mobile devices. Many companies send out emails to existing and potential customers to promote coupons, deals, sales, and events. These emails often contain mobile-friendly barcodes and customer-specific promotions that can be scanned at a retail store, making them more convenient and eco-friendly. These emails can also be sent and received at any time of the day, making them efficient for companies, because they do not have to spend money on manufacturing direct mail ads.

Email marketing has also shown a return of $40 on every dollar invested, making the case for the 10% increase in email marketing spending every year. This return on investment is higher than keyword advertisements, banner ads, and other sponsored marketing tactics. Additionally, in 2012, 44% of consumers made a purchase based on a promotional email sent to their inbox.

You can also outsource your email marketing plan to white label email marketing services. They will create the template for your email, use your logo and company name, and even send out the emails without using their name. This can be extremely helpful because you do not need to constantly develop new templates and formats for an email. The email marketing providers can use the same email format with different text, based on the information you want to relay to your customers.

By all means, continue to post ads around the web, and keep pushing for higher search engine rankings, but do not stop your email marketing campaign. With so many consumers scanning their inbox on a regular basis, you do not want to miss the chance to grab their attention.

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