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Product lifecycle management solution

Can new technology put you out of business? At least eight out of 10 start up businesses will fail, Forbes reports. Carefully keeping tabs on — and implementing — new technology can often ensure the continued success of your business. Here are some essential technologies for new and/or struggling businesses:

Mobile-Friendly Advertising and Point of Sale Systems

Over half of all U.S. men and women own an iPhone or smartphone, ABC news reports. Consumers are, moreover, using phones to search for local businesses and services. As such, business owners need to embrace mobile technology. All websites should be mobile-friendly, and developing a mobile application means getting ahead.

A growing number of businesses — especially ones working directly with the public — are offering mobile payment options. Mobile payment enables consumers to easily pay for goods and services without carrying cash. Starbucks upcoming app update will, for example, even enable patrons to add a tip to their purchase — directly from their iPhones and entirely at their own discretion.

Quality Product Lifecycle Management Software

Paying for goods or services that are no longer profitable will cost you. Product lifecycle management solutions (or PLM solutions) are a worthwhile investment — often capable of saving you a good deal of revenue. What does PLM software do? PLM software carefully monitors the temporary and lasting value of goods and services. Detailed assessments via PLM software allows business owners to make adjustments to stock and services as necessary. PLM solutions make opportunities for improvement much more apparent.

Current Mobile and Digital Security

Hackers stole at least 40 million credit card numbers during the recent Target security breach, NPR reports. The very last thing start up companies want is for customers to for customers to question the viability and security of their point of sale systems. Installing strong digital security systems — and continually updating software — will help prevent similar hacks.

Avoid some of the top technology faux pas — and save your business. Keep all security software up-to-date, invest in quality PLM software, and reach as many consumers as possible through mobile sites and applications. Read more: Plm consultants Read more articles like this: Plm consultants

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