Three Reasons to Replace Your Remote With the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Model

Samsung replacement remotes

Most people don’t sweat losing or breaking their television remote controls. All they have to do is pop over to their local electronics store and pick up one of those universal TV remote replacements. Although some might argue that these universal replacement remote controls are superior to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), that’s simply untrue.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time with universal TV remote controls replacements.

They Have Weak Signals.

The single most frustrating thing about universal TV remote controls is their weak signal. OEM remotes allow you to kick back in your favorite chair–however far away from the receiver it is–and channel surf at your leisure. Universal remotes on the other hand have to be relatively close to the receiver for the message to get through, which basically defeats their purpose. You may as well walk over to the box and change the channel.

You Lose Advanced Capabilities.

Digital cable and TV have both increased the quality of users’ viewing time, but the advanced functions offered–like on-demand services and pay-per-view capabilities–require special buttons. Universal remotes commonly lack the capability of accessing these extra options, thereby reducing the quality of your TV time. If you’re paying for these special, extra options, why not get a remote that will let you use them?

They’re a Hassle to Program.

Yes, universal TV remote controls work on the major majority of modern televisions and cable boxes, but that doesn’t mean they come ready to right out of the package. Users have to take a long time to program them, which is often an unduly complicated process. OEM TV remote controls need no such programming, and come completely ready to be used.

The next time you need to replace your TV remote controls, don’t hastily get universal remotes. They’re simply not worth your money. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. More on this.

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