Four Things Your Company Probably Didn’t Know About VoIP

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By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard that VoIP for business has become the number one technology for improving and growing companies across the world. You no doubt realize that ,as of Q4 2012, VoIP subscribers across the world numbered in 143 million. What you might not realize is all the benefits of using VoIP for business and some of the quirkier things the technology has been used for across the world.

Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About VoIP for Business

  1. Using Hosted VoIP Service Can Save You a Lot of Money
  2. As points out, making the decision to use VoIP for business can greatly reduce the amount you spend on your in-house communications technology needs. How much? You can reduce the cost of domestic and international calls by as much as 40% and 90%, respectively.

  3. VoIP in Video Games Has Been Used for Unsavory Purposes
  4. In one of the strangest facts about VoIP technologies, Business 2 Community points out that international crime organizations, like the Japanese Yakuza, use the VoIP systems built into popular online video games to send orders to their soldiers. Assassinations and other crimes have all been ordered and successfully carried out in this fashion.

  5. Hosted VoIP Solutions Now Go Where You Go
  6. As Enterprise Networking Planet points out, VoIP systems have evolved to the point where they can not only be used for in-house business communications but also for sending important calls to any phone, anywhere. This means you can have calls forwarded to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, ensuring you never miss another important call again.

  7. Use of Voice over IP Services is Skyrocketing
  8. As the IT ToolBox writes, VoIP systems are growing at an increasing rate. By 2017, it is estimated that a staggering one billion people across the world will use VoIP services to cut their telecommunications costs and improve the way they communicate with friends, family, business partners, and customers.

Do you know any unusual facts about VoIP for business? Share your knowledge in the comment section below! Helpful research also found here.

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