Six Reasons Your Business Needs to Start Using Voice over IP Services

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Hosted VoIP services are easily one of the fastest growing types of technology providers in the world. By the end of 2013, more than 4 million people in the United Kingdom alone were using a hosted VoIP solution. Further, an approximate 70% of all businesses were thought to be using some form of hosted VoIP phone systems. If you’re wondering why so many business have made the switch, continue to make the switch, here are the most common reasons.

Six Reasons to Make the Switch to Voice over IP Services Right Now

  1. Free Services Your Telelphony Service Providers Charge For
  2. For HowStuffWorks, one of the biggest advantages of using Voice over IP services is all the free functionality. Consider, if you want caller ID or call waiting on a landline, you have to pay extra. Most Voice over IP services include that technology in your monthly bill.

  3. Drastically Reduced Telecommunications Costs
  4. Of all the reasons businesses switch to VoIP, cost has to be the most common. As Entrepreneur suggests, using VoIP means not having to keep separate phone and data lines, not paying for long distance, and not having to worry about installing a new phone service if ever your company moves. All of this leads to greatly reduced communications bills.

  5. Easy Conference Calling
  6. Have you ever tried to hold a conference call on a landline? You have to dial one person in and hope that when you try to connect the other that you all don’t disconnect. Joining a conference call on VoIP is like joining a chat room. You jump in and you’re good to go, as Tech Republic points out.

  7. Improved Business Mobility
  8. Isn’t it annoying how to get calls on your landline you have to stay by the same phone in your office all day long? As The Houston Chronicle writes, VoIP systems can be calibrated to forward your phone calls to any compatible device, whether it’s your laptop or your mobile phone. In short, you’ll never have to miss another important phone call.

  9. Voicemail to Email without the Fuss
  10. Many businesses like that they can do everything from a computer when using VoIP. You can make your business calls, send emails, and even have the system transcribe your voicemails into an easily digestible email. It’s just one of the many ways VoIP takes the hassle out of doing business, as suggested by Enterprise Networking Planet.

  11. No Need to Buy Specialized Equipment
  12. Using a landline often means having to stick huge PBX cabinets into your office just to get the best service. Modern VoIP services usually don’t require you buy any specialized equipment to take advantage of their services, saving you both space and money.

What benefits has your company seen since switching to Voice over IP services? Let us know in the comments below. More like this blog.

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