Want to Increase Your Business’s Visibility on LinkedIn?

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Too many business owners and marketers assume that the key to a successful social media campaign is getting on Facebook and Twitter. While it’s undoubtedly true that those platforms are essential, any social media firm worth its salt will tell you that LinkedIn can be just as important of a platform to increase your visibility on. Just playing the numbers game, Statista reports that nearly 300 million active users use LinkedIn each month.

If you’ve been thinking that LinkedIn is only good for professional networking, you’ve been dead wrong. Here’s some tips from social media firms and other professional marketers on how to turn this extremely popular social media platform into a marketing powerhouse.

Five Simple Pointers for Improving Awareness of Your Brand Through LinkedIn

  1. Let Your Employees Use It
  2. Contrary to popular belief, suggests Forbes, you actually want to let your employees use LinkedIn. Firstly, if you’re that worried about your employees that you think they’re going to find a new job on the platform, maybe you ought to look at what you’re doing wrong. Secondly, the more people on the service with your company name attached to theirs, the greater your visibility. Simple.

  3. Split Your Personal and Business Pages
  4. Entrepreneur recommends keeping separate personal and business pages on LinkedIn. Your business page should be used to promote company news, industry tips, and to help you serve as a source in your industry. You should be using your personal page to network and draw people to your business.

  5. Use Smart Search Engine Optimization Strategies
  6. Just as you would when building a Facebook page, you need to make sure any content, statuses, resumes, or whatever else you share on LinkedIn are optimized for SEO. If you don’t know why by this point, you might be a lost cause.

  7. Content Marketing is Just as Important on LinkedIn
  8. Just as SEO techniques are crucial to getting noticed on LinkedIn, so, too, can your quality of content make or break your marketing efforts. As Social Media Examiner points out, you need to share engaging photos, statuses, blog posts, and more if you want to be a truly attractive business on this platform.

  9. Get Involved with Groups on the Platform
  10. LinkedIn has the very neat feature of allowing members to join groups related to their interests, industries, etc. As LinkedIn itself recommends, joining some of these groups using your business page and engaging in professional conversations can earn you some much needed credibility and attention.

Are you a marketer with a social media firm? What advice would you give on using social media for small business success on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comment section below! Ger more information on this topic here.

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