Three Easy Computer Repairs You Can Do on Your Own

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Your computer is a highly complicated machine capable of doing some truly amazing things. It can store entire libraries worth of documents in its labyrinthian memory, answer any question you may ever need to ask, and allow you to accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time it might have ordinarily taken you.

Of course, the more complex the machine, the more complex the problems it can develop. Some issues may require the work of dedicated experts to resolve, but — thankfully — some computer repair issues are easy enough to resolve on your own.

Here are a few easy computer repair issues you can tackle with a little time, patience, and know how.

The Computer Is Running Slow.

Good news — chances are you won’t need to do any manual computer repairs to your desktop or laptop if it’s running slow, because most of the time it’s not a hardware issue, but is actually a software issue. In order to solve this problem run a system defragmenter, which you can find in the system tools folder. For future reference, you should run the computer defragmenter once a month, and make sure you have at least five gigabytes of available hard disk space, lest you want to have a serious computer repair issue on your hands.

The Internet Is Crawling at a Snail’s Pace.

First things first — check your connections and make sure everything is plugged in. Then, try unplugging everything for three minutes and then putting it back in. This computer repair usually works about 90% of the time. If it doesn’t, you may have a settings problem, so go into your network settings and make sure everything is copacetic. An application may be blocking your Internet access.

The Internet Browser Keeps Crashing.

If your Internet browser crashes more frequently than a student driver, then try restarting your computer. This simple little computer repair trick works more often than you’d think. If rebooting the system doesn’t work, try remembering what you might have done to the browser that might make it crash. A new app? A new toolbar? Perhaps you accidentally deleted a file? Once you remember, try undoing it and see if that computer repair worked.

If you have network repair repair issues or other, more complicated problems, you should call either IT management or computer services, because you may inadvertently make the problem worse if you try to tackle it on your own.

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