How to Promote Your Product

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So you’ve reinvented the wheel — now what? Well, you tell the world there’s a new wheel, of course! Learning how to promote a product should be a fun, exploratory process that will hopefully tell you and your company what advertising strategies work and what don’t.

How Effective is Promotions Marketing? Let’s just say it is very effective. For example, even though the commercial “1984,” which launched the Apple Macintosh computer, ran just once on TV during the Super Bowl, it has had a lasting impact on advertising and boosted Apple Inc’s sales to where they are today.

How to Promote a Product:

  • First, understand that any small ad agencies will tell you that you need to know your market demographic. Who are you looking to promote your new product or service towards?
  • Sales Goals: Your company should be able to measure these goals in order to keep track of them. Base these selling goals on what type of product you have. To sell your product/service, try using email marketing. The average ROI for email marketing is $44.25 for every dollar.
  • Sales Activities: How do you plan on selling the product? Will you be selling directly to consumers, or will you need to go through a retail store? This is where you need to print out a few sells sheets to send to independent retail stores — but use good photographs because 67% of consumer say the quality of a product’s photo determines whether or not they make a purchase.
  • Target Accounts: Make sure you include accounts you’d like to sell to when understanding how to promote a product. Come up with a strategy of how you’re going to reach your audience. Usually, active business and organization blogs can produce nearly 97% more indexed links for websites than those without blogs — so blogging is a great option.
  • Take Time: Map out a solid timeline of events; put dates to goals and promotions meetings and deliveries so that your project seems more tangible or realistic. However, understand that this timeline will change at times.
  • Be Realistic: Fame and fortune will most likely not arrive overnight once your product has hit the shelves. You need to continue to promote even when people are already being offered your product/service. Hire a professional website designer who can set up a web page for that specific product, or take to social media.
  • Advertise: Social media can be a powerful tool for any company — as long as they use it in the right way. Set aside a few employees who can focus on promoting your products through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is a great way to earn loyal followers as long as you offer a few deals or chances to win prizes if they back up your product.

Lastly, keep promoting! If you stop, your consumers will also stop their purchasing.
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