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Recently, retail giants Target, Home Depot, and Neiman Marcus found themselves in hot water and made national headlines when it was reported that they were the victims of a data security breach, in which hackers were able to access the personal information of thousands of customers.

If security breaches can — and do happen — to these heavy retail hitters, they can — and do — happen to small businesses nationwide. In fact, a recent study reported that Mom and Pop businesses are more likely to be targeted by data thieves and hackers than larger establishments.

While large retailers such as Target, Home Depot, and Neiman Marcus are able to recover from these breaches, a security breach for a small businesses can be utterly devastating, and may lead to a business closing its doors. This is due in part to large fees, up to $100 per credit card information stolen.

Safeguarding your business against hackers begins with updating your pos software. There are several modern pos solutions that address the issue of data thieves. Modern and mobile POS systems are a deterrent to data thieves, in that they are exceedingly difficult to hack into. Compared to mobile pos software and systems, the majority of point of sale equipment used by businesses today are utterly outdated, relying on technology from the early 1990’s. The 90’s are making a comeback, but the technology is no longer relevant and poses a great threat to businesses of all sizes.

Not only are mobile pos systems safer and more secure, they’re also efficient, and can significantly expedite and streamline your businesses day to day operations. For example, routine tasks such as email capture can be done with ease, as most modern pos systems come equipped with CRM software. Not only is this more conducive to a pleasant guest experience, it makes the CSR’s job easier as well. A win-win situation all around.

Also, cloud computing makes tasks such was reviewing sales data from a remote location possible, as long as their is a internet connection present. Additionally, cloud-based pos systems come equipped with automated software upgrades, ensuring the system remains up to speed at all times.

In business, it’s best to have all your bases covered. By investing in a mobile pos system and affordable pos software, and you be assured you’re properly covered.

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