Why Your Company’s POS System is in Need of an Update

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Recently, retail giants Target and Home Depot came under harsh scrutiny after suffered a data breach which compromised the payment information of thousands of customers. While those were affected by the data breach initially blamed the retailers for not implementing a more secure system, soon credit card companies also came under fire for failing to provide better means of protection.

Large retailers aren’t the only businesses affected by data breaches. In fact, small businesses, especially “Mom and Pop” establishments, are more likely to be targeted by hackers and data thieves than larger retailers. This is due to the fact that many smaller companies do not have financial resources to install high-security pos systems, making them easy prey. While modern pos software offers a higher level of protection than older methods, businesses of all sizes are subject to data breaches.

Regardless, it’s important for business owners to get with the times. Modern pos devices and pos solutions offer several other benefits aside from data protection. In fact, today’s pos devices can be likened to having a digital personal assistant that will never quit, never call off work, is never tired, and always gives a high level of performance.

Point of sales systems for restaurants are retail stores are industry essentials, and canb benefit other industries as well. Modern, cloud-based pos devices significantly expedite the day to day business operations of a company, and help business owners with tedious tasks such as inventory. Nearly every modern POS system has an inventory module that allows business owners to track “shrink” or loss, order more items, and accurately track sales. Based off of this data, business owners can easily see which items are the most popular, and can create promotions and specials directly on the device.

In addition, modern pos systems allow employees to execute their jobs faster and easier, which in turn provides the customer with higher level or personalized service. For example, tasks such as email capture can take up valuable time, and can become bothersome for the both the customer and the associate if it needs to be done each time the customer visits the establishment. Customer relationship management (CRM) software comes standard with most modern pos systems, allowing employees to save this information, in addition to specifying guest preferences. Employees can also view past purchases, which makes up-selling easy and more natural. The customer will feel appreciated and doted on, which will increase the likelihood of repeat business.

While many business owners fear the expense of revamping their entire point of sale system, modern pos systems pay for themselves. The benefits are priceless!
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