Computer and Network Security By the Numbers

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Computer repair and IT support services go beyond just the basic network repair and maintenance tasks; a good computer repair service will also provide exceptional IT management and security software to help keep companies safe and secure.

If you own a small business, and you’ve been ignoring the security of your own network system for a while, take a quick look at these numbers:

$100 billion: The estimated amount of money that is acquired, worldwide, through a variety of illegal cyber hacking crimes (like breaking into a business’ POS system, or stealing company data). Despite this number…

47% Of small businesses state that they never back up important company data anywhere, whether on an external server or on a cloud server.

145,000: The number of individual malware programs detected in 2013 that targeted only mobile devices — according to recent data, this number is nearly three times higher than the same mobile-focused malware programs just a year earlier. And with that number in mind, it’s no surprise that….

33% Of all respondents in a 2013 survey state that they refuse to conduct financial transactions over a mobile device (like a cellphone or tablet), simply because they aren’t confident in the security measures on their own mobile devices.

59%: The estimated percentage of employees who steal, delete, or hide important company data when they quit or are fired. And doing this is actually pretty easy for employees who understand how their company’s computer services operate, especially since…

96% Of all applications tested in a 2014 Cenzic Application Security Trends Report had some sort of fatal flaw regarding the security of their servers.

The bad news, obviously, is that the more we depend on technology, the more opportunities are available for cyber hacks and security threats to take place; the good news however, is that there are services around who are dedicated to getting one step ahead of cyber hackers and making sure that the computer systems of important businesses are never compromised. Helpful research also found here. See more.

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