4 Ways to Improve Customer Service

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Customer service is one of the most important ways to improve business. Happy customers will report their good experience to friends and family, and the word will get out when a company does a good job. Companies that are committed to customer service and make it a top priority generate about 60% higher profits than competitors, which can be the difference between a successful company and one that goes out of business. And a single bad review can be costly — consumers are twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience with others than they are to share a positive review.

In today’s market with such varied methods of transactions, like online, over the phone, and in person, it can be hard for a small business to know how to improve the quality of their interactions with customers. It’s important to be available to consumers, and they will notice when their questions are answered in a timely manner. Less than one third of customer service inquiries are answered correctly the first time. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to ensure your company is always available for contact is by investing in a small business telephone answering service. There are lots of other ways to improve customer service as well, so keep reading for some of the best ways to improve your company’s customer ratings.

    1. Improve your website
    With so many transactions completed online today, it’s important for small businesses to have a strong online presence. A small business telephone answering service can sometimes be available during all hours of the day to respond to instant messages from customers regarding problems with orders or questions about products. A live operator answering service is key to getting good customer reviews, because when people have questions after hours it will earn your company big points if there is someone available to deal with their concerns right away. A national answering service can answer questions from anywhere.

    2. Have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section online
    A small business can get a group of employees together to collaborate on a list of the most frequent issues brought up by customers. Lots of people will have the same problems again and again, and one way to cut down on repetitive customer questions. People appreciate when a business anticipates their questions and provides a clear, detailed answer or explanation. Your small business can also save money, because fewer customer service professionals will be needed.

    3. Invest in a traditional live telephone answering service
    This is especially important if you work in a field that deals with more serious and personal issues with clients, such as doctors or psychologists. It’s important to have real people available because some problems may necessitate immediate intervention from a higher level manager. If this is the case, the small business telephone answering service can alert the appropriate person and the situation can be remedied.

    4. Keep track of complaints
    Customers will often have the same issues with a company, and if there is no central record of these problems then they become a recurring and systemic problem. The best way to avoid inefficiencies like this is to create a record of complaints and categorize them. Employees should write detailed notes about the issue, and if it keep happening then it can be addressed, and customers will be happier with the service in the future.

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