What’s the Outlook for the Future of IT Managed Services? The Answer May Shock You

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In today’s IT landscape, everyone is talking about the benefits of managed services and how they can benefit small and large businesses alike. Now more than ever, managed services have become the go-to method for ensuring optimal network performance and security, as well as boosting efficiency by reducing lost time due to network problems.

But knowing what the future holds for managed services and their prominence in the IT world is a little less clear.

So just what are managed services providers going to be doing throughout the next few years? Here are our top three predictions for the future of the IT managed services industry:

Steady, strong growth

According to a January 8 CRN article, the global market for managed IT support services is projected to grow from $101.2 billion in 2014 to an incredible $193.3 billion in 2019. However, despite this stellar predicted growth, it will only be possible for IT managed services providers to succeed if they adapt and transform to the newest technologies emerging in the field — such as:

Integration with cloud computing technology

We predict that managed services will gradually merge with another key player in today’s tech world — cloud computing. With cloud technologies, managed services providers will be increasingly able to serve their clients from a remote location, while offering the same top-notch network security they’d be able to offer if they were working in-house at a business.

Increased handling of big data

Big data is just that — big. For businesses, big data is a massive collection of numbers or information regarding clients, business affairs and a wide number of other possibilities. And as big data is increasingly used to identify patterns and trends among a consumer base, the managed services industry will need to adapt to be able to handle these gargantuan chunks of data safely and securely for their customers.

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