5 Reasons to Get a Medical Telephone Answering Service

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Businesses that deal with medical problems have a unique commitment to clients because they vow to take care of health needs as soon as they arise. This can be difficult, especially when it is after hours, and a medical telephone answering service can help ease the stress of having to be available all the time to clients. There are over 25,000 people employed by the telecommunications industry in the United States, and this huge industry generates an estimated $10 billion in revenue. There is no shortage of virtual telephone answering services for companies who need them.

After hours answering service telephones are key for small businesses because they allow medical companies to follow through on their commitment to help patients at any time of the day or night. This can also increase a company’s overall reputation because they will get better reviews. For anyone who is interested in learning about medical telephone answering services, here are some of the top reasons to hire them.

    1. Personalized customer care
    Every business can benefit from someone who is at the end of the phone line every single night. Even if you are gone and spending time at home for the night, you will have a professional business telephone answering service to speak with patients whenever they need to know more information about their care.

    2. Immediate answers for patients
    Sometimes patients can call with very important and emergent situations that need a doctor’s opinion right away. Any medical professional who has worked in the field for a long time knows how important it can be to answer a patient’s concerns immediately, because sometimes they need advice on whether the situation is urgent or if it can wait until morning for an appointment with their primary care doctor.

    3. Respond to medical emergencies
    Sometimes a patient can call and it is truly an emergent situation. They may either need to go to the emergency room or you might have to meet them at the office to deal with a pressing medical situation. If this happens, you would benefit from having a professional answering service who can alert you to an urgent situation.

    4. Increase sales and get more clients
    Especially when new clients call, they might not know the regular hours of the business. This means they could call when it’s after hours and no one is there. If they call and don’t get an answer, they might get a negative impression and it is possible they won’t call back because they aren’t impressed with the company’s hours. An answering service eliminates this problem because they are available all the time, even when regular business hours aren’t in session.

    5. Have a dedicated after hours account manager
    If you invest in an answering service, you will have the benefit of getting to know one person who always takes care of your after hours business. You can work together with this person and you will learn to count on them to take care of customers.

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to hire the best medical telephone answering service? Does your company use a 24 hour answering service at work? Have you been happy with the results? We would love to hear your feedback, so please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. Continue reading here.

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