Your Top 5 Questions About Commercial Printing, Answered

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When it comes to creating advertising or other promotional materials for a business, getting the product exactly right is a big factor in drawing in leads and getting the best possible return on investment. But if you’ve never worked with a commercial printing company for business purposes before, you might have some questions. Here are answers to five of the most common ones:

  1. How Expensive Is Professional Printing?

    It’s impossible to give a dollar amount without the details of a project, but commercial printing is probably more affordable than you think. In general, it will be cheaper to have something commercially printed than to attempt to print it on an office printer (even before you take into account comparative quality and the resulting ROI).

  2. Is Commercial Quality Really Better?

    The simple answer here is yes. Commercial printers not only use better materials, they also have experienced professionals guiding the process for the best possible result. In printing, just as in anything else, using the right tools produces a superior product. You’ll also have access to a much wider range of options, such as specialty finishes and large format printing.

  3. Why Shouldn’t I Just Use Online Vendors?

    Online printing services are really set up for individuals, not businesses. They have a higher price-per-unit to make up for the fact that they offer extremely small production quantities, and the quality is generally lower. That’s fine when you want a personalized photo mug for Nana’s Christmas present, but it’s not the best choice for business materials.

  4. What Are Digital and Offset Printing?

    The types of printing you’re likely to see advertised are digital printing and offset printing. The former is probably more affordable for small businesses, since prints are created directly from computer files, saving the expense and time of creating custom plates to transfer ink onto the desired paper or object. There’s really not much of a quality difference between digital and offset printing these days.

  5. What Should I Look for in a Print Company?

    When you’re vetting commercial printing companies, you should look at three major factors. The first two, addressed above, are quality and price. The third is service; you should be working with a company that offers you personalized customer service, is easy to contact, and works with you to help you reach your goals through better printing. That kind of business-to-business relationship can be a boon for years to come.

What other questions do you have about professional printing services? Discuss in the comments.

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