Five Real Dangers of Online Pharmacies

A point of sale system

If you own and run a small pharmacy, it’s easy to find fault with your own business when you begin to see sales dropping — maybe your POS system is too slow? Maybe you don’t offer enough products?

Here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with your pharmacy. Sure, you could probably benefit from updating your years-old POS system and replacing it with a newer retail pharmacy POS system to make transactions faster and to help you monitor sales trends. With better pharmacy software tools, you’ll have a better understanding of the products and brands that your customers want. You’ll be able to place orders in advance, and you’ll keep your shelves stocked with those in-demand items.

But there’s nothing about your pharmacy that’s making customers turn to something like an online pharmacy — the problem is that most American consumers don’t understand just how dangerous online pharmacy businesses really are. It’s up to you, and your staff, and other small pharmacies across the country to educate your consumers about these dangers. For starters,

  • It’s difficult for the government to monitor online pharmacies, so the majority of prescription drugs sold online aren’t FDA-approved.

  • Because there’s so little regulation, online pharmacies can get away with sending out the wrong drugs. Some customers end up with placebo pills, while others receive drugs that don’t have enough of the active ingredient.

  • Online pharmacies emphasize that they’re more convenient — Prescriptions mailed right to your door! — and that their products are cheaper — Do YOU know how much you’re overpaying on your medications? — than actual pharmacies. But like all online transactions, there’s never a guarantee that the items will be mailed safely and will arrive on time, and there are plenty of hidden fees involved as well.

  • Consumers often don’t realize that a prescription purchase involves transmission of sensitive, personal data — both financial and medical — and that data might not be kept safe with online pharmacies.

  • Improper drug use is already a big problem as it is; in fact, it’s estimated that about 10% of all hospitalizations could be prevented if the patients used the correct drug at the correct dosage. When it comes to medical information, there’s no such thing as having too much — and your pharmacy can provide all of it.

Remember this: your pharmacy is valuable, and it provides an unparalleled service. You’re probably aware that your business depends on your customers, but it’s important to realize that your customers also depend on you. More research here.

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