Three Ways To Increase Sales in Your Small Pharmacy

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Figuring out a way to get your sales numbers up can be a very intimidating task when you own and run a small, independent pharmacy: you don’t have a lot of extra finances to work with, and there are only so many experiments you can try before your resources run dry. Fortunately, there are a few ways that can definitely help get your sales numbers up — and a new retail pharmacy POS system can really help you out with these, too:

  1. Increase interactions between your staff and your customers. This could include something like having a selection of items each week that are “employees’ top choices,” inviting customers to ask the staff about the products. Or perhaps it could mean updating your POS system and utilizing a mobile pharmacy POS system, which eliminates bulky cash registers and allows staff to make transactions while they’re helping customers, right in aisles.

  2. Limit wait times. This one might be hard to do when you’re dealing with prescriptions and waiting on doctors’ notes, but as far as front-end transactions go, it’s important to make sure that customers aren’t kept waiting. Perhaps you could benefit from hiring another employee at rush-hour times, or just updating your pharmacy software so that it runs more efficiently.

  3. Keep in-demand products stocked. There’s definitely a big difference between knowing what your customers want and predicting what they might want — but there’s also a big difference between having shelves that are fully stocked, and having shelves that are empty because you didn’t foresee the next flu virus coming into town. You won’t always be able to know exactly what your customers want, but newer POS software is capable of analyzing sales trends in real time, and many POS systems will even alert you when it’s time to re-order something.

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