Three Points Most People Don’t Know About SEO Marketing

Benefits of seo

Search engine optimization strategies are becoming some of the most complex features of an online marketing campaign (thank you, Google, for your incessant algorithm updates). In all honesty, it can be tricky to get a firm grasp of the benefits of SEO simply because the industry is constantly changing. But you might be surprised by how many small businesses and marketing teams think they know the basics of SEO, when really, they’re forgetting some of the most essential details of a successful SEO campaign. For example…

  1. SEO services produce results over a long period of time. So if you’re expecting to see a rise in keyword rankings within a week or two, you’ll be disappointed. Because SEO services produce the best results over a period of months (or even years), it’s important to remember that SEO services should be seen as investments — not as quick-fixes to advertise your name more for a week.

  2. Written content specifically about your business isn’t always the best content to create and share. Sure, plenty of search engine user will want to access that dry information — but with an estimated 27 million pieces of content shared on the internet each day, it’s important to create content that stands out and which your audience wants to share. The best SEO services offer a variety of media content — writing, infographics, videos — pretty much anything that can be shared through social media is good.

  3. SEO shouldn’t stand alone as a business’s sole online marketing strategy. SEO services won’t work unless the business’s website is optimized, which is why many SEO services also provide website consulting services (and adjustments) for the foundation of an SEO campaign. Additionally, other factors like email marketing, social media sharing, pay-per-click campaign management, and local SEO strategies all play significant roles, alongside an SEO plan, to create a successful online marketing campaign.

It’s hard to describe succinctly just how SEO will benefit your business — especially since there are so many ways to tailor an SEO campaign to fit specific products/services, longterm goals, and target demographics. But the point is, if you’ve ignored SEO in the past because you didn’t realize what it entails, it’s definitely time to take another look!

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