How to Give a Personal Touch in the Digital Age

National telephone answering service

More than 80% of people report that they intentionally frequent businesses where they know that have had a previous positive customer service experience. That number is probably even higher for people who have a bad experience and plan to intentionally avoid a business. Keeping customers happy is at the core of keeping your business alive. So, what are there needs?

Customers have all kinds of needs but the one inevitable expectation is that you are easy to get ahold of. Whether it’s to tell you that things are great or that things are awful, you customers really care about the ease of contact with you. So what can you do to be available around the clock? You could wait by the phone or you could get a live telephone answering service.

The United States telecommunications industry is made up of about 24,000 customer service professionals. A 24/7 answering service can address customer service problems and keep the ball rolling on orders. For example, if you own a small t-shirt shop that is open 10am – 4pm, you can only make money or take feedback during that time. Now consider that most of your customers are likely working during that time and are not available to give you feedback. By investing in a small business answering service that offers after hours answering service as a part of its menu, you can catch important feedback and orders.

An answering service helps with handling customer complaints, concerns and questions. Many companies invest big bucks to learn more about how their customers feel about that. Just think, you could get a live telephone answering service and accomplish the same thing!

Your customers are there for you. They keep your business going and keep your employees paid. Why not invest in a system to more adequately be there for them? More on this topic. Research more like this.

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