Social Media Takes the Forefront in Content Marketing

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Out of the numerous content marketing strategies available to companies in 2015, social media has now been pushed to the forefront of many minds. Advertising through social media has been proven successful in recent year, and is therefore a one of the great content marketing tips companies need to pay attention to.

Blogging and Inbound Marketing

Almost 60% of businesses who use a blog as a marketing strategy have gotten new customers from their blog posts, and they have 97% more inbound links. In addition, 60% of American businesses now use some type of inbound marketing, because inbound marketing delivers 54% more sales leads on average than outbound marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Marketingeasy reports that an average company in the U.S. has about 178 social media marketing assets. This is helpful for many companies, as about 77% of internet users have said that a social media login feature on a company website is a valued asset. Social media has a 100% higher closing rate than any outbound marketing techniques, and 62% of marketers now believe it is an integral part of a marketing plan.


Over half of marketers in 2013 generated a sales lead through Facebook marketing. In addition, about 70% of companies now have a Facebook page, and focus for many markers has turned to making that content interesting for users. Almost half of those surveyed reported that they have stopped following a company page due to repetitive or boring content. Since 80% of consumers prefer to connect with businesses via Facebook, don’t fall into that category!


There are about 100 million active Twitter users around the world according to MindJumpers, making it a huge resource for companies. 34% of companies generate sales leads from Twitter and about 20% have actually closed sales using marketing techniques on the site. There are now 77 out of the biggest 100 companies maintaining a corporate Twitter account.

Search Engines

Mediapost reports that Google’s search engine is used by 85% of internet users around the world. In 2012 alone Google was used by around 400 million people. If this doesn’t convince you of the importance of search engine optimization, then consider the fact that 93% of internet users start with a search.

What are your new content marketing strategies? Will you be working on them by yourself or with a social media firm and/or search engine optimizers? Let us know in the comments! Refernce materials.

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