3 Great Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Digital printing

It’s difficult to make your business memorable to potential customers now that digital marketing has become widespread. The online world is so saturated with advertisements that not only are there a hundred other companies offering the same service, your target audience has grown accustomed to ignoring advertisements they see on Facebook. For this reason, 76% of small businesses find greater success by implementing a marketing plan that equally utilizes a combination of digital and print communications. Here are a few tried-and-true marketing tips from successful business owners:

1. An Advertisement in the Hand is Worth Two on the TV

Not only is commercial printing far less expensive than it’s digital counterpart, it is more memorable to the consumer. While it is easy to scroll past an advertisement online, it makes a great impression to receive a physical endorsement for the company. In fact, over 60% of consumers acknowledge they enjoy checking their mailbox. Additionally, studies show that 84% of potential customers say that they will recognize a brand when they receive promotional goods with the company’s logo on it.

2. Consider Offset Printing to Really Make an Impression

Many small business owners are unaware of the benefits of offset printing. While digital printing transfers a digital image onto traditional sized paper using a combination of 4 ink colors, offset printing utilizes an inked plate that transfers an imaging to a rubber roller, which applies the image to the surface to be printed. Using offset printing technologies, commercial printing companies can create print goods in much greater quality, more diverse colors, an array of textures, and in greater sizes than that produced by digital printing. Offset printing is ideal for print jobs that require 500 or more copies, are wide format, or are on unconventional surfaces. If you compared a printed communication created by a digital printer with one created through offset printing, you would find significantly higher quality in the piece created with offset printing. Some commercial printers who offer offset printing are able to turn around quality prints that a digital printer just isn’t capable of within 24 hours!

3. Think Outside the Billboard

Consumers are more likely to recall a brand that they’ve learned about in an memorable way. Nearly one half of people polled said the most unique way to learn about a brand is buy seeing a car wrapped with it. If a company uses a traditional method of advertisement, such as a billboard, and another company wraps their vehicle with their logo, the consumer is most likely to recall the branding of the unusual car over the billboard. Another great marketing medium is unique print goods that offer functionality. In example, a consumer who would have scrolled past an online ad is likely to keep a promotional calendar for the entire 12 months. The brand recognition value of 12 months of repetitious communication is unquantifiable.

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