What is a Cloud Brokerage Service Provider–and Why Your Organization Needs One

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Cloud brokerage services expansion in recent years is no surprise when one considers how affordable and diverse cloud computing programs have emerged.

The cloud is software and services that run on the Internet instead of your computer. Examples of cloud services include Apple iCloud, Drop Box, and Google Drive.
Ultimately, cloud services brokers offer valuable insight into how the cloud works and making the best use of big data. Cloud computing and the idea of the cloud more generally speaking is a relatively recent innovation. While it’s true businesses in the past succeeded without the cloud, it’s become necessary to understand this new technology. The global market for cloud equipment is expected to reach $79.1 billion by 2018. 35% of IT services today are delivered partially or totally by cloud services.

Having infrastructure to manage new data is important. The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted in 2016 that public cloud spending will surpass 2012’s $40 billion to $100 billion. It’s also true that businesses struggle with cloud management and security. Cloud storage broker services can offer hands on services or a more laid back approach, allowing businesses to manage their affairs when they want to as well. The cloud is becoming an integral part of business operations. There are many kinds of clouds, and each have niches. Some examples are the private cloud, which is used by 57% of companies. 60% use the public cloud while 19% use hybrid cloud services. Given that so many options exist, cloud storage broker providers aim to find the right cloud providers for their client’s needs, as well as ensuring premium pricing. A cloud storage broker can save your organization valuable time and money. Their goal is to make the cloud service more specific to your company, to integrate or aggregate services, to augment security, or really do anything that adds more significantly value to the services the cloud already provides

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