Tips to Keep Business IT Systems Secure

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Your IT system is critically important for your business. You take precautions, but are the enough?  Is your wireless design where it needs to be?

Think about this:

  • In 2013, 43% of companies reported a data breach.  Safeware reports that human error is responsible for 29% of data loss.
  • There are almost 17,000 attacks on companies’ systems a year and many and up with a serious data breach.
  • About 55% of data breaches are due to information leakage.
  • Attacked companies incur the following costs: brand rebuilding (29% of costs), productivity loss (21%), revenue loss (19%), investigating the breach (12%), IT support (10%) and compliance (8%).

Not all data loss is due to outside attacks, however:

  • Each week, 140,000 U.S. hard drives crash.
  • Travelers in U.S. airports lose 12,000 laptops a week.
  • Nearly $80 billion a year is lost to power outages every year in the U.S.
  • Each outage takes an average of 200 minutes to resolve.
  • Downtime costs businesses more than $50,000 per hour.

Ten Tips Tip for Keeping IT Systems Secure and Operational

  1. Maintain and update your software.  Software that is out of date is more vulnerable to malware attacks.  Many times updates include fixes for computer security systems.  Nearly 80% of these breaches are caused by outdated operating systems and applications.
  2. Remind all employees to never clic on an advertisements.  They may seem harmless but many exist to get malware onto your system.  You can also install pop-up blockers.
  3. Make sure any software installed on your company’s network is real.  There are a lot of fake programs that look great but are really malware that will hijack your system.
  4. Make backups of your data!  Use the cloud of an off-site backup location.
  5. Keep your private files secure by keeping them private.  Use password protection and the like.  Get with IT business services that specialize in security systems to store your sensitive files correctly and make sure your wireless design is up to task vis-a-vis security.
  6. Have a back up.  You need backups for everything.  You never know a weather event might cause a power outage and data loss.  You need disaster recovery plans and that includes backup systems.  You should also invest in a system to give you ann uninterruptible power supply.
  7. Hire an IT business services company.  Your business IT system is critical.  At least have a service come in and access your current network design.

Most businesses recognize the need for a robust security for their IT systems – on all levels from the network design to the wireless design but they don’t always realize how many threats are actually out there.  The threat doesn’t have to come from a nefarious source, it could be a tornado or hurricane. There is real need to have disaster plans ready.

Having professional IT services set up or review an existing set up can make a big difference in keeping the system and data safe.

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