Where to Find the Best Place to Buy a Digital Camera

Which digital camera should i buy

We are currently lucky enough to experience the world in a way that our ancestors couldn’t have dreamed of. With the advent of photo sharing online combined with ever more sophisticated cameras, we are sharing our lives, ideas, and creativity for the whole world to see. 10% of all photographs ever taken have been snapped in just the last year alone. This trend is expected to increase as the world finds more and more ways to integrate photography into everyday life. Today its even more relevant to find the best place to buy a digital camera.

Professional Photography

Before shopping around for a digital camera, consider your options and the best way to satisfy what you are looking for. Professional photography, for instance, is twice as likely to be shared when compared with user-generated photos. Today 136,000 men and women are employed as professional photographers in the United States alone; this number is projected to grow 4% from 2012 to 2022. Professional cameras produce high-quality images, although they are far pricier than most personal cameras.

Photo Sharing

Social media sites allow the user to express themselves in whatever way they choose. The 1.39 billion monthly Facebook users have uploaded more than 250 billion photos with 350 million new photos each day. A recent U.S. study found that 63% of mothers use Facebook with 97% stating that they post pictures of their children. Instagram’s 300 million active users reportedly share 70 million photos each day; there are now over 30 billion photos on Instagram. Pinterest, another popular site, has 30 billion photos pinned across 750 million Pinterest boards. Digital cameras are developed with customer ease in mind to allow amateur photographers to snap high-quality pictures and share them on the computer.

Digital Cameras

Digital camera sales have been growing since they were first introduced in the late 1970’s. Of the 610 million people own digital cameras, 7 out of 10 use the digital camera as their primary photography device. So where is the best place to buy a digital camera? An electronics or photo store has highly trained personnel to help the customer find information on digital cameras. Those who already know what they want may want to find the best deal by shopping at online camera stores instead.
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