Five Reasons That Businesses are Using Managed IT Services

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Are you looking for managed IT services for your business? Twenty years ago, any medium-sized enterprise needed to have their IT solutions in-house, but now it is more common to use managed IT services. When IT support and computer services needed to be handled on-site, and most of a businesses infrastructure and applications had to be setup and maintained in person, it made sense. Now, managed IT services is often the least expensive, most reliable, and the best option for a business.

If you’re on the fence about transitioning your IT support to a managed IT services solution, consider these benefits:

Five Reasons That Businesses are Using Managed IT Services

  1. Outsourcing to Managed IT Services Allows the Leadership to Focus on Strategic Directions
    If you are a business owner or an business executive, you probably want your business to do the very best it can. While you might know everything you need to know about your industry, it’s unlikely that you know everything there is to know about the technology that your business’s success depends on. Getting up to speed on the management of the IT services that your business needs, and then governing the IT direction of your business requires more of your time and resources that you have to give, and takes you away from the strategic direction of your company.

    Instead, when you entrust your IT services in the hands of a provider who does nothing but that, you know that you are getting the best IT solutions for your needs, while you are available to steer the company towards growth and success.

  2. Improved Data Protection and Reduced Risk

    When you use a managed service provider who specializes in data security, it’s not on you to make sure that your company has the best data security and protection from downtime. Some businesses find it beneficial to use a managed services provider who charges a fixed monthly fee. This way, if your business requires 20 hours of support to ensure reliability, or if it requires 200 hours, it costs you the same amount, yet offers you around-the-clock security.

  3. Increased Productivity From Employees

    The greatest cost that most companies face is labor. Your employees are your biggest asset, and also your biggest cost. Since your employees need their computers to do their jobs, when their computers are down, it equals money down the drain for you.

    When you use a managed IT service, it’s their job to make sure your IT assets are up and running any time that you need them. When your employees have all of the tools and resources they need to do their job the entire time they’re on the clock, your biggest business expense is prepared to do the greatest amount of work. In fact, removing the bottleneck of downtime as a result of computer issues also reduces frustration and improves morale, which also improves productivity.

  4. Get the Skill Sets You Need Without Having to Pay for the Whole Person

    Your managed IT service provider has hundreds of employees with hundreds of skills available. Maybe you need a little piece of this one, and a few hours of that one per week, but not enough to warrant paying a full-time employee to do it around the clock. When your IT department is in house, each skill that you require will cost you big dollars. When you use an IT managed service provider instead, you pay one number for all of the skill sets you need.
  5. Lowering Costs

    With every major enterprise decision, the biggest deciding factor is the upfront and ongoing costs involved in it. It’s no secret that hiring your own in-house full-time IT employees is expensive. Each employee will set you back $60 to 80 thousand per year, and you’ll need a whole team to provide the IT coverage that your business requires. In order to keep your IT staff properly equipped to support your business, you’ll need to invest another several thousand dollars per year in training. However, if you use managed IT services, you do not have to invest in training or paying for full-time employees for each IT skill you need. You pay one number for all of the IT services that you need. This saves you huge dollars.

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