Three Benefits to Having a Marketing Team Manage a Company Website


When it comes to promoting a company, having a website in today?s digital age is crucial. Websites allow customers to make decisions based on if the services and goods offered are a fit for their needs. Many would rather get information from a website than call and talk to someone about a company?s services. It is estimated that by the year 2020, customers will handle over 80% of business needs without ever being required to speak to someone at the company they are using. For this reason, it is important to have a website that serves customers and meets their needs, especially if it is anticipated that there will be a lot of traffic. Here are three things that can help ensure sales and customer satisfaction.

Website Design Can Make or Break The Amount of Sales a Company Profits

Having a website that is properly configured and able to hold traffic is crucial. Over 30% of people will leave a website if the loading time takes longer than three seconds. Besides ensuring that the page loads quickly, it is important that web design looks attractive, and can bring customers in, with information that is easy to find. Besides having a website that is attractive, web design should be optimized for mobile use as well. Since more people use smartphones to search the internet more than ever, having such optimization can make or break sales. Over 40% of individuals believe that if a company has not made their website mobile friendly, they simply do not care about these customers, or the amount of sales they would have from them. Clearly, websites that are able to meet customer demand no matter what device they are on are imperative for a thriving company. Almost 50% of all individuals believe that the way a website looks is indicative of how trustworthy the company is, too.

A Digital Marketing Company Can Create Effective SEO for a Company?s Blog

Companies are finding that having blogs with seo can have positive affects in customers finding out about them, and what they offer. This is because when blogs or other information on the website makes use of search engine optimization, companies are able to reach more customers and bring in organic traffic. Customers who search for certain keywords that come up in a search engine and lead to the company?s website would be considered organic traffic. A digital marketing company can use SEO to bring these individuals in, and ensure customers see and learn more about the company, before making a decision. Even if customers do not buy that very day, they may come back again and again, keeping the company in the background of their mind.

Digital Marketing Companies Can Assist a Business in Growing a List and Having an Email Campaign

Mailing lists are very popular, and a helpful way to keep customer updated on new deals and information that may arise. Online marketing can show customers what potential benefits they could make use of by joining a mailing list, and then allow the company to offer a benefit or enticement, such as a free ebook, or something similar. Customers may join for the free item, while still learning more about the company. If they see a deal they feel is worth taking advantage of, the company has just enjoyed the benefit of using the websites to gain another customer.

There are many reasons why company websites benefit from having digital marketing companies work with them to increase the amount of customers they have. This could range from designing a website that is appealing, and ensure there is also a mobile version as well. Company websites are an integral part of gaining new customers, since many would like to do business without having to talk to someone at the company. These websites can also be optimized with seo services, allow businesses to gain more organic traffic than they previously had. Finally, online marketing companies can create digital mailing lists, allowing potential customers to learn about upcoming deals and take advantage of them. This can translate into more sales for the company overall.

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