Don’t Forget These Electronic Accessories on Vacation

Cat5e cable bulk

Summer is a season of relaxation and entertainment. There is simply nothing better than spending the summer at the lake house with all the family. As you begin to pack and plan for your summer vacation, remember these important extras that are often forgotten. Your family will appreciate the extra thought and preparedness to ensure that everything is ready for usage.

Mobile devices

Summer trips are a little different today. While a camping trip was once a disconnect from the technological world, many campers choose to bring their devices with them today. This is because mobile devices are no longer used primarily for work. They are also used for entertainment. Outdoor time during your camping trip is important, but you will also find sufficient time for mobile devices. Children will handle long road trips en route to your destination if they have access to a mobile phone, iPad, or digital TV system. Don?t forget to bring the car friendly mobile phone accessories.

Charging devices

Whether or not you are planning on mobile device usage, you will find that many of your family members do bring their mobile phones. However, many travelers forget the cell phone accessories, especially phone chargers. Remember to bring a couple cell phone accessories, including charging devices for different types of phones. The most common chargers that you will find to be useful are iPhone and Android chargers. There are currently 101 million iPhone users in the U.S, making it one of the most popular phones. Power lightning cables will allow family members to quickly charge their devices, before heading back outdoors.

HDMI cables

Children will enjoy snuggling up in their sleeping bags with their distant family members, taking in a good movie. In order to play high quality movies in your camping destination, you will need quality HDMI cables. Although the current high definition standard for consumer equipment tops out at 1920X1080 (1080p), HDMI 1.4 can accommodate future 3840X2160 and 4096X2160 high definition pixel resolutions (limited to 30hz frame rate). These high quality bulk USB cables will stream any video service, giving your family the feel that they are in a movie theatre.

Long Ethernet cables

When renting a vacation property, you do not always know the technological setup ahead of time. It can be helpful to bring long Ethernet cables to ensure that you can stream your technology to any room in the household. Extremely long Ethernet cables, like the 500 feet Ethernet cables and cat6 cables, can be brought outdoors for a drive in movie experience. You will find a variety of Ethernet cables available. Choose one of high quality that will meet your length needs in your vacation rental.

Surge protectors

If you plan on bringing additional technological equipment to your vacation house, including various cell phone accessories, bulk fiber optic cables, and bulk USB cables, you will also need to remember surge protectors. The electricity of your vacation rental may not be setup to handle large volumes of usage. Fortunately, you can purchase and bring a portable surge protector that will protect all of your electronic items. A surge typically measures less than 500V and lasts less than 2 seconds. A spike, on the other hand, is much shorter in duration, less than one thousandth of a second, but can measure into the thousands of volts. Your surge protector will also protect the home?s current electronic equipment.

Many family vacations take place over the summer months. Renting a cabin or lake house for the summer can be a great way to bond with distant family members. Although you do not want the entire trip to include your electronic devices, they can be beneficial at times. In order to have sufficient technology usage in your rental house, you will need to bring items like cell phone accessories, USB cables, and HDMI cables. Also, don?t forget the surge protector to handle the added electronic use.

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