What Does The IoT, RFID, Blockchain, and Supply Chain Have In Common?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown a lot lately, and the demand for innovative thinkers to participate in this growth has followed suit. Connecting all of the worlds physical objects to the internet is no small task, yet much has already been accomplished. Radio-Frequency Identification, or RFID, allows us to track supply chain networks with unparalleled precision. All of the items are trackable by a computer that receives this information over the internet.

This is very exciting to be sure, but there’s a weak point. If anybody were to access the computer that tracked these items, they would know every detail about the supply chain and could make it all go dark for personal gain. That’s why cybersecurity recruiters are looking for qualified and innovative professionals in RFID technologies. How can you help secure the IoT?

Cybersecurity recruiting firms will help place you in companies dedicated to finding a solution to this fairly large network vulnerability. One of the best solutions so far is coming from an obscure cryptocurrency named Waltonchain. They are dedicated to integrating a blockchain with supply side RFID communication technologies.

For those who don’t know about the blockchain, picture a one column excel sheet. In each cell is a string of numbers and letters and when you click on it, all of the information about a transaction shows up in front of you. Who sent, who received, when, and how much of what was exchanged. This is then confirmed by users of the blockchain, and afterward cannot be changed.

Here’s where the security comes from. The users are from all over the world and confirm the transaction on individual computers. That solves part of the problem earlier discussed. No one can get control of this RFID purposed blockchain because there’s no central point of attack. This will allow a supply chain to safely function, give the sought after knowledge that the IoT aims to achieve, and be yet another layer of revolutionary technology to the infrastructure of the Internet of Things.

If this fascinates you and you want to help with similar projects, or your business is looking for someone to help bring this idea to life, call a cybersecurity recruiting firm today.

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