The Latest Trends in Hotel Technology

Hotel property management

A lot has changed in the hospitality industry as digital and technological advances drive hotel trends. While the hotel used to be a pretty simple place where you walked in, talked to a desk clerk, got a key and saw a human concierge for anything you needed, a lot has changed recently. Here are some of the top hotel trends in front desk software, hospitality management, and concierge service:

Automated Customer Service

The modern hotel guest often prefers not to have any human interaction for the simpler tasks like checking in and out. Some hotels are working to let guests order room service from apps on their smartphone. This allows hotel staff to worry about other things, while still providing customers with a great experience. Positive customer service experiences build loyalty with customers, and even 5% more loyalty leads to 25% to 100% greater profits per customer.


Room phones have become highly redundant as people use their own mobile devices for everything. But one new hotel trend is using that room phone to pair with customer mobile devices, which can then control everything in the room from arranging a wake-up call to controlling the TV. Providing guests with a seamless connected experience allows guests to get their needs taken care of simply and easily. CEB research shows that 96% of business customers are likely to be disloyal if they feel they have to expend a great deal of effort to deal with a company.

Integrated Property Management Systems

The newest management systems for hotels and hospitality allow the front desk to be integrated with every aspect of the hotel, from room service to housekeeping. A guest call or tap on the app is routed to all the related departments. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle, and employee retention improves because their the property management systems makes their lives easier.

Mobile Phone Door Key

It may be hard to imagine opening a door with your phone, but this is also a growing part of recent hotel trends. Some hotels are already letting guests use NFC technology or code scanning to open their door.

Integrated Reservation Software

This one is king among recent hotel trends, as good reservation software makes everyone’s lives easier. Customers are able to book easily and quickly, and the software automatically updates all reservation sites the hotel is listed on so there are no unintentional double bookings and even no-show rates can be more easily managed. A good hotel management solution will also automate email interactions with guests, social media posts, and alert management to any issues quickly and easily.

These are just some of the hotel trends that are already developing. There will be more as automation and technology provide even better ways for the hospitality industry to interact with guests and reduce the possibility of mistakes and customer service issues. If you own a hospitality property, consider getting out in front of some of the best hotel trends. It could be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

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