4 Reasons Your Business Needs An ID Reader

We all depend every day on the accuracy of our ID information. In 2015, 218 million Americans had a driver’s license. Seven in every 10 people in the United States have at least one credit card. And nearly half of the people in America have a passport. If you have a business, you need an ID reader. Here are four reason why:

  1. An ID reader lets you access information that you need to be accurate. Whether you’re selling a controlled item like cigarettes or alcohol, or need to verify identity accurately at the time of a big purchase, a license scanner or passport scanner can help you verify that the person standing before is who they say they are. A lot is riding on having the right information, and an ID reader helps you verify that the identification you’re seeing is valid.
  2. An ID reader lets you work more efficiently. A table top scanner or magnetic ID card reader is far more efficient than any person can be alone. In fact, scanning technology works nearly 20 times faster than an employee manually typing in someone’s information. A recent study showed that giving field service workers the right technology, such as barcode scanning or RFID made a strong difference in efficiency levels. Having a scanner also means more efficient use of resources. The average office worker in America uses 10,000 pieces of paper each and every year. Scanners can significantly reduce paper use.
  3. An ID reader makes data loss much less likely. Studies by the Gartner Group have led them to conclude that 15% of all paper documents generated will get misplaced at some point, while 7.5% are totally and permanently lost. Whenever a company’s computer system is breached or crashes, the event gets noticed and becomes big news. But the reality is that while digital data loss does sometimes occur, paper documents are far more likely to be lost than digital records.
  4. An ID reader doesn’t make the kind of mistakes that humans do. Everyone has experienced the kind of headache that results from inaccurate information being recorded about them or someone else. It might be a mistyped phone number, a first name and last name reversed, birth date numbers in the wrong boxes, or one wrong number or letter in an address. Whatever it is, it can cause havoc to catch and correct. Scanning technology makes it far less likely that those kinds of little mistakes will occur.

An ID reader is a great way to get accurate information quickly and efficiently, knowing that you are unlikely to lose the information or to find out later that something was recorded incorrectly. We depend on accurate ID and information to conduct business in the modern world, so makes sure you have the right contactless reader or scanner for your business needs.

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