Hiring Smart Means Hiring Diverse How A Career Placement Agency Can Help You Narrow Down Hires

Finding the right job and the right worker can seem like a match made in heaven.

There’s a lot to throw into the mix during a given scouting session. You have to consider the unique temperament of the worker during an interview process. You need to find an appropriate schedule and viable resume to compliment your business from the ground up. It can be so much work, in fact, that it yields you little to nothing at the end of it. A career placement agency can take some of the burden off your shoulders and give you something to hope for when you’re feeling the brunt of employee turnover.

There’s no magical genie lamp to grant you three wishes. There are, however, employment agencies with useful tools for you to use during the job scouting process.

The Rise Of Employee Turnover

A nightmare for today’s modern business is the rise of employee turnover. It’s not just expensive to train an employee…it’s expensive to seek one out, interview them, and train them only to have them leave in three months. By the time June of 2015 came around nearly three million workers voluntarily left their jobs, cementing a 25% increase in employee turnover that’s still being felt today. A career placement agency is a necessary buffer to counteract this trend and give your company a strong foundation to keep building success off of.

Job Hopping Trends And The Future

Did you know you might be living in one of the most flexible economies yet seen in American history? According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2016, Millennials are widely considered to be the ‘Job Hopping Generation’. It’s estimated six out of 10 are open to a job at any given point in time, more so than any generation in recent history. Rather than view this as a nail in the coffin, consider the function of the HR executive search agency. They’re designed to counteract these troubling trends and give you a better prediction.

Diversity’s Positive Impact On Businesses

Something you’ll be hearing a lot of career placement agencies discussing is the positive impact of diversity. A diverse workforce is a more flexible and approachable workforce, that of which you’ll need in spades with today’s unreliable economy. A recent study by McKinsey’s research found gender-diverse companies are up to 15% more likely to outperform their peers. Ethnically-diverse companies are even more so at 35%. This means workers who concentrate better, come to work on time, and provide you more unique input on a variety of everyday problems.

Expectations Of Today’s Average Worker

What do workers expect out of the interview and hiring process? This is one of the best questions you can ask, as it’ll help you rework the way you approach old-fashioned methods so you can meet people halfway. Workers today don’t just want a good job match…they want to know they matter. A Gallup poll reveals just two out of 10 workers believe their manager is doing a good job of providing regular feedback. Compare this to another Gallup poll that studied the results of employee recognition programs. From employee of the month awards to more regular meetings, they’ve been shown to significantly increase worker happiness.

Using An Executive Staffing Agency

The goal of a career placement agency isn’t just to find the right worker. It’s to make them stick around in the long term. A recent survey provided by Robert Half revealed one-third of the 1,400 executives surveyed felt unclear performance objectives and poor skills matches were the leading causes of a failed hire. When you put your time and effort into a career placement agency it comes right back out as the gift that keeps giving. You’ll not only hire more diverse and more accurately, you’ll implement useful tactics to help workers do their job to the fullest.

It’s only getting more uncertain from here. Let HR consulting help you out.

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