Casting The Widest Net Isn’t The Best Option How An HR Executive Can Help You Find Compatible Workers

Finding the right employee can feel like a needle in a haystack.

Today’s economy is more uncertain than ever, with employee turnover higher than it’s ever been and your average work environment…not looking so average. How are you supposed to find the right workers to pad out your business and provide you with the consistency you need? This is a question that can be answered by a human resources executive search agency. Instead of just handing you perfect employees on a silver platter, a career placement agency can provide you with the tools needed to navigate these murky waters. If you’ve never utilized executive search firms before, now’s the time to start.

The sooner you understand the elements that go into a successful hire, the sooner your business can start saving money. Here’s what an HR executive placement agency can do for you.

Whether they’re called a human resources executive search agency or employment agencies, they all have the same goal in mind…to help businesses and potential employees see eye-to-eye. Employee turnover is at an all-time high, with a 2016 Gallup poll determining Millennials to be the ‘Job Hopping Generation’ — as many as six out of 10 are open to a new position at any given point in time. When you also factor in poor working environments and outdated applications, it’s no wonder these figures are so high. Take this as a chance to look at your brand more critically. What are you doing to combat these statistics?

A good place to start would be your hiring process. The method of stapling a cover letter to a physical application is slowly, but surely, falling into obscurity. Many applications are done online…if they’re not circumvented entirely in favor of a resume and a phone interview. An interesting survey by Robert Half suggests this might be one of today’s weakest links. One-third of executives in this survey felt the top factor leading to a failed hire was a poor skills match, followed close behind by unclear performance objectives.

Not only does an outdated application set up your employee for failure, it wastes your time. That money going into finding yet another worker could be spent on digital marketing or bonuses instead! Back in June of 2015 nearly three million workers voluntarily left their jobs, a 25% increase compared to just two years prior. A human resources executive search agency has turned the application process into an art form. They can help you spot red flags, narrow down your search, and provide you the means of finding the right people much more frequently.

The opposite of employee turnover is employee retention. What are you doing to make your workers stick around for the long haul? Another Gallup poll analyzed this very question, finding a measly two out of 10 workers believing their manager is doing a good job of encouraging them. These are pretty poor metrics on which to base a steady, long-term career. According to recent data, at least 85% of companies with employee recognition programs in place cite a notable increase in worker happiness.

A smarter application process, a long-term investment plan that celebrates your workforce’s efforts…these are all ingredients in the pot of success. An executive search consultant can give you a chance to take all the weak spots in your business and give them a talking to. This means establishing employee recognition programs, doing away with obsolete interview methods, and getting closer to that coveted long-term worker. Employee turnover, as we know it, is costing the country $11 billion per year. How do we stop the cycle?

A human resources executive search agency is a wise place to start. Let them give you, and your future workers, a helping hand.

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