Benefits of Hot and Cold Aisle Containments

Over the years, technology has become a significant part of our day-to-day lives. This dependency has led to the development of important sectors to help save the data we accumulate each day. One of these essential sectors is the data center aisle containment.

So what is a data center aisle containment? This is a specific type of containment that helps in regulating the temperature of data centers.

Due to the amount of data that data centers handle on a regular basis, these types of equipment end up emitting heat during operation. This can be quite detrimental, as the heat can end up damaging the hardware. This is where a cold aisle containment becomes useful. Some of the benefits of using a cold aisle containment include:

1. High energy efficiency

The reason why cold aisle containment solutions are quite popular in the IT sector is due to their high energy efficiency. A data center aisle containment comes with numerous amounts of energy that become quite useful during the data. The more power the containment gives off, the lower your data center operating costs become.

This becomes a big win for centers where energy uses up large expenses. Thanks to the use of a data center aisle containment, most data centers have recorded a reduction in expenses of up to at least 40%. This has made data storage costs more affordable.

2. Better response to heat

Did you know that over 65% of failures by IT equipment are attributed to inadequate, failed, or poorly maintained air conditioning found in the server room? Having a data center that runs at all times is something every business requires for its service. However, because of occasional failures, operating a data center and the necessary equipment can become a challenge.

This is why data centers require generators, battery backups, and redundancy to operate. But with a data center aisle containment, failures are minimized, and operations become more predictable. This is because cold aisle containments separate exhaust and intake air.

3. Affordable set-up

Price is an essential factor in any business. It’s no secret that data centers take time and money to install. Now imagine having to spend more money trying to repair your data centers after a malfunction. Without the knowledge of what to use, this can sometimes become a challenge.

However, by using hot or cold aisle containment, you can easily reduce the cost of running and maintaining your data center. The most significant advantage of using this type of aisle containment is that it is quite easy to set up.

4. Easy implementation

No matter how old your data center might be, it’s quite easy to retrofit it with server racks. Data center aisle containment is quite easy to implement and it comes with the ability to transform your center. Because of this feature, it has become quite popular among data center operators.

How Does Hot Aisle And Cold Aisle Containment Work?

These methods work by trapping or enclosing the conditioned air between the server racks using either vertical or horizontal covering panels. The aisles then reverse the captured hot exhaust air into cold air and then returns it into the data center. This helps to increase efficiency.

With technology becoming a necessity, data centers have become increasingly important. This means that the need for effective cooling systems is also on the rise. As a result, data storage continues to be an issue for most businesses. But with an aisle containment, it becomes easier to use a data center. You also do not have to be concerned about energy consumption or costs with these methods. By using the best data center aisle containment methods, you can ensure your data center is able to keep up with the times.

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