Cold Chain Shipping Solutions, a Growing Market, and The Life of This Market for Many Years to Come

Medication has to be stored and shipped the same as any other item, but the pharmaceutical storage conditions require specific situations. Many of them need to be very cold, and the issue of cold chain shipping solutions includes the need to ship medications and other pharmaceuticals across the country at extremely cold temperatures. Different cold delivery services and cold chain logistics transfer these items between research labs and medical offices where these locations use different types of pharmaceutical storage facilities to keep vaccines, blood withdrawals, and other tests fresh. With vaccines and other medications required for infants, these need to be stored in larger quantities, requiring quality biostorage at many locations. Often, with all of this work, all research labs and doctor offices must have at least some sort of storage facility of their own.

Definition of Cold Chain Shipping Solutions

Cold chain shipping solutions are available most often for biological and pharmaceutical needs, providing the proper temperatures needed to keep biologic materials fresh. Sometimes the most helpful pharmaceutical grade freezer holds certain vaccines and other medications that need to be held at coldest possible temperatures, without damaging other items stored in the same location. Other blood or other fluid samples have been taken in order to complete patient tests, and they need to be kept in a freezer or refrigerator separate from the vaccines.

Pharmaceutical Storage Conditions

The most common for pharmaceutical storage conditions is the use of cold temperatures for preservation. With refrigerators or freezers that work for the coldest temperatures, lasting as long as possible, specific details are required in order to keep these items safe and fresh. Different locations like benchtop freezers, biological refrigerators, pharmaceutical storage facilities offer the perfect storage for all medical locations, serving as biostorage for the offices and labs that need to store vaccines regularly. It is also important to remember that biological materials such as blood and tissue have to be be kept in cryogenic freezers at negative 150 degrees Celsius or lower for at least 10 days.

This may work for preservation when samples are taken for testing, or it may work for storage when vaccines are needed for prevention. But one of the most important things needed for the entire pharmaceutical process is the cold chain shipping solution that can get these items from one location to another for the proper tests to be completed or for the proper medications to be delivered.

The Value of Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities

With offices and labs not large enough to hold all of their own items, some cold storage facilities are needed nearby in order to store medications, samples, and other equipment. Cold temperatures must be kept consistent in all these freezers, and even more so with cold chain shipping solutions, so that everything remains perfectly fresh from one location to another. Merely a two-degree difference in the temperature requirement for the storage of a vaccine, tissue, or other medical samples could ruin it completely. For that reason, pharmaceutical storage facilities and cold chain shipping solutions must manage the temperature of their freezers constantly.

With the extremely large pharma market, the U.S. is already about half of the global value, with the expectation for the market to expand to over a trillion dollars by 2022, this is likely to be a great investment for our nation. Considering all of this, there is much to consider for both storage and shipping of all these items, making this market and business an essential need for years to come all over the world.

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