Hosted Phone Systems are an Integral Part of Modern Business Operations

It is estimated that about 65% of customers prefer to interact by phone while only 24% prefer to use the web for product purchases or services subscriptions, according to Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index. Phone conversations with new or recurrent customers is still a very integral part of modern business operations. About $1 trillion in consumer spending is attributed to calls placed to businesses. For a business that means a chance to impress and get more customers down the business funnel.

To achieve that, however, you need to always make a good first impression and make customers feel satisfied when the call ends. This means using hosted phone systems which allows you to a fully-fledged telephone service without necessarily having to invest in system hardware, all you need is just a handset and you are good to go.

Why are Hosted Phone Systems So Vital for Modern Business Operations

Long gone are the days when businesses had to budget for private branch exchange (PBX) systems to manage their incoming and outgoing phone calls while also offering internal communications management.
Hosted phone systems allow you to do virtually everything a conventional phone system hardware can do, more effective and cost-efficient. With this virtual system, you also guaranteed round-the-clock support and downtime are handled quickly.

This system features both conventional PBX phone systems and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that rely on broadband internet for calling.

Cost Benefits

Hosted phone systems are a great investment for small businesses as they get to save on both up-front setting up costs and recurring costs. You don’t need to buy any equipment, other than a headset. In addition, this system lets you enjoy fixed monthly charges which is a good thing when planning your budget. Unlike traditional PBX, virtual business phone systems don’t have additional costs such as administrative and maintenance fees even with increased calls.

As a business, you also get to save on the cost of renting office premises just to have a physical place, because the system can be set up remotely at the comfort of your home but with an equally professional impression.


In addition, flexibility is yet another reason why many businesses are shifting to hosted phone systems. It allows your staff the convenience of working away from the office. Whether it’s senior executives or a sales representative out on an assignment, the system can allow constant connection with the main office and therefore, facilitating internal business communication. The system also allows call transfers and even if you change locations, say moving to a different town, there are no costs involved for transferring a hosted phone system.

Businesses benefit from being able to upscale capacity and reduce whenever they want without having to worry about rendering machine obsolescence. Features of a hosted system your business can benefit from at no extra costs.

  • Auto attendant
  • Call transfer
  • Caller line identification
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Call queuing
  • Don’t disturb mode
  • Fax facilities
  • Email interface
  • Conference calling

These services are usually premium for traditional phone systems, meaning you have to brace for additional costs. You have a dedicated customer support service which also helps with monitoring and overall system management. No downtimes due to power interruptions since the provider has a backup, which kicks in almost instant as soon as there is a slight disruption. All these benefits at no extra cost!

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