Factors to Consider When Choosing a biological pharmaceutical Storage Facility

There is need for proper storage of biological materials and pharmaceuticals considering the sensitive nature of some of these products. This explains the high standards that should be upheld during pharmaceutical storage as outlined by the various bodies that regulate the pharma industries. Apart from storage, there are also rules for shipping pharmaceuticals, sample management and sample storage that dictate what should be done when handling biological and pharmaceutical products. So why exactly is it important to ensure that pharmaceutical storage requirements or pharmaceuticals storage conditions are maintained? To start with, pharmaceutical and biological samples require controlled storage where certain conditions must be maintained throughout the entire supply chain process. This means that it does not matter whether the samples are in transit or storage awaiting delivery. These controlled conditions are what determine the value and potency of the samples to ensure that the two qualities are not compromised. You often find that in many instances than not, the importance of cold delivery services are often underestimated. However, the temperature fluctuations during pharma transportation and storage often cause a massive loss of these samples as a result of these slips. Below are some of the key factors you should take into consideration when choosing a biological pharmaceutical facility.

Temperature Control in Storage
When choosing a biological pharmaceutical facility, everything comes down to the temperature controls. You often find that the temperature in the biological pharmaceutical facility is what will affect the potency of the samples of pharmaceutical products in storage. When subjected to the wrong temperatures, most biological and pharmaceutical samples will downgrade. The damage can become even worse if the samples in storage are irreplaceable like it is in some cases. Depending on their respective nature and characteristics, the ideal temperature for different pharmaceutical samples often varies and is not uniform. This temperature variation is caused by the anticipated duration of storage and the solution under which the pharmaceutical sample is suspended. The right biological pharmaceutical facility should be able to offer storage conditions such as LN2 storage conditions, ultra-low freezing storage, freezer storage and refrigerated storage. The availability of all these temperature conditions in your biological pharmaceutical facility means that you can effectively store any biological or pharmaceutical sample without having to worry about getting additional specialized storage space for unique samples. Any mistake as a result of wrong storage in your biological pharmaceutical facility could be costly and have an effect on the overall ability of your laboratory to handle sensitive pharmaceutical and biological samples.

Cold Chain Logistics Services
When it comes to pharmaceutical sample storage, the focus should not entirely be on the biological pharmaceutical facility but the transportation as well. You should always ensure that apart from effective storage, the samples are transported under the right conditions. There are cold chain logistics service companies that specialize in cold chain delivery services. The problem is that without knowing what to look for in the right company, you are bound to make some costly mistakes that could affect the overall integrity of your samples even before they get to storage. When choosing the right company, ensure that the said service has temperature controlled vehicles that are specially designed to handle biological and pharmaceutical samples and ensuring the product integrity at the delivery point. The point is not just having vehicles with temperature controls but vehicles with customized temperature controls. This customization allows for the transportation of certain samples under certain unique conditions such as extremely low temperatures. The vehicles should also have real-time temperature tracking systems so that you are made aware whenever there are temperature fluctuations and changes as they occur. The external environmental temperature should not necessarily affect the integrity of the samples on transit.

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