What an Access Control System Is

Are you concerned about home security but don’t know where to start? The security system you need might be as simple as an access control system. These systems control who goes into or out of an area.

Access control systems can be broken down into several key components. First, you need an access controller.

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This is often a small computer that manages who can get past an entrance and when they can get through it. Connected to that is a reader or keypad of some kind that can determine who is trying to get through the entrance. A door contact that monitors whether or not the passage opens should also be connected to the controller. The door involved should also have a magnetic lock that can be open and shut by the access controller. For safety’s sake, your system should also have a REX motion detector that allows the door to function as an exit only without user input.

All of these components work together to create a seamless experience for anyone trying to get through the controlled passage. This passage could be your garage door, front door, or office door. You will be able to monitor everyone who enters your space through the access controller’s interface.

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