Why You Need a Business Burglar Alarm and How it Works

Whether large or small, most modern companies utilize business burglar alarm systems to protect life and property. The video described both the benefits of these systems and exactly how they work.

A business burglar alarm system has many components that have to work together. The most important part is the control unit.

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A keypad is used to turn the system on and off. Usually located at a central location in the business, the control unit is connected to other devices designed to detect criminal activity. These devices may include beams and motion detectors.

Detected by one of these devices, a signal indicating that someone is breaking into the business will be sent through a specific communications system, which can include a cellular or land telephone line. Monitoring personnel will usually contact the business operator before notifying the local police. This policy can prevent the police from responding to false alarms. In order to enhance the response, monitoring personnel will have such information as the address of the business and even its layout.

Security is vital to any business. This is why it is important to consider the security services available from FMC Monitoring.


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