Deperimeterization is the process of migrating computer security to all devices in a network, rather than a single fortified perimeter between the internal network and the internet. Tom Janacek is a strong advocate of this practice. There is a war on, friends. On one side, the noble deperimeterizationists fight the good fight to keep your networks running smoothly. On the other side, the antideperimeterizationists run riot, laying siege and implementing their ill-considered, hubristic joke of a security policy. How can anyone expect their ideas to even begin to keep their computer safe from the evils of this world? To keep their foul ideas from infesting the nation’s offices, Tom Janacek boldly stands, blogging about the proper way to do these things. He lives to fight misinformation, and this is the hill he has chosen on which to make his stand. This site has a variety of informational articles about implementing deperimeterization, as well as alternatives favored by the fiendish antideperimeterizationists, and other network security news. I’ll have one secure network please, hold the perimeter.

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