Configure Proxy Settings? What Is This?

When it comes to cyber security, many of us have heard of the extra protection that proxy servers can provide. If you wish to set up your internet browser to configure proxy servers and their settings, nearly all commonly used browsers today have made this task fairly easy. No longer do you have to have any advanced technical knowledge to keep your system from the various cyber maladies of the twenty first century. However, before you configure proxy settings of any kind on your system, there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

First, make sure that when you configure proxy settings on your computer that the proxy server you are using is a reputable one. Proxy servers can be wonderful when it comes to providing anonymity, as well as providing an extra layer of protection between your network and various viruses, malware, et cetera, but a disreputable proxy server can potentially do quite a bit of damage. Remember that when you configure proxy settings to give the servers in question access to your network, you are allowing said server to see all online queries and responses that you have put into cyberspace, including your personal information. This is why you want to only use servers that are well known to be safe.

Before you configure proxy settings to any particular server, go ahead and perform a search engine query for reputable proxy server reviews. Pay special attention to the reviews given by third party software and tech companies, as they tend to be well equipped to find any existing pros and cons with anything in cyberspace. Once you have a reputable server or two on your short list, follow your internet browser instructions to configure proxy settings. You will likely be glad you did!

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