Legitimate Needs For Firewall Traversal

When it comes to cyber security, many people and corporations are justifiably nervous about any type of firewall traversal technology, software, or individual requests for network access. However, firewall traversal is absolutely necessary for certain cross network applications to function, such as VOIP or similar types of web conferencing technology. In addition, accessing a corporate intranet remotely might require certain users to obtain the means of firewall traversal in order to work, as well.

With the amount of spyware, malware, and hacker menaces out there in cyberspace, you have to be particularly prepared to make your case when asking for the official go ahead for firewall traversal on a given network. Generally, if you need the means of firewall traversal particularly badly, you are rather likely to be working for or with a given individual or company that needs your services badly enough to show you how to bypass their firewall. However, if you happen to be a stranger to a given network and request the means of firewall traversal from the system administrator, be aware that you almost certainly will have to prove your identity and state your exact business on a given network before the legitimate means of firewall traversal are yours.

There are various means and methods for illegitimate firewall traversal as well, but these are highly illegal and unethical to employ. Unless you are prepared to answer civil and criminal charges filed by the network owners whose system you have hacked, always keep your dealings on the up and up. No potentially missed deadline is worth the likely consequence of illegal firewall traversal. In the end, keep your systems updated, your methods ethical, and your business on private networks squeaky clean, and you will likely learn the typical methods of legitimate firewall traversal rather quickly. In the age of the Internet, honesty can go a long, long way.

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