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If you are reading this, then you are currently on the internet. Congratulations. But the internet can be a hazardous place these days for the unknowing web surfer. With all the ads (the ad display market alone is a 34 billion dollar business), spam, hackers, and cleverly hidden illegal content out there, an unsuspecting web traveler is sailing blind in a very polluted ocean. One legal method that all sorts of companies across the internet like to employ, from the smallest, most seedy looking sites, to Google itself, is IP tracking. See, when you log onto the internet, you do so through an IP or internet provider, and internet providers distinguish their customers by means of addresses they give to each. It is your specific IP address that allows you to access the internet, and these are traceable. But there are programs out there that let you hide IP so you can do all the anonymous surfing you want.

There are an array of different online privacy software that lets you hide IP so you can do all the anonymous browsing you want. Even Firefox has a private surfing feature that does not allow websites to track you. In addition there is VPN software (Virtual Private Network) available that encrypts all data sent wirelessly, so you will not have to worry about anyone stealing your private information right out of the air. There are also IP rotation tools that hide IP addresses by constantly randomizing them. Many IP companies actually employ this technique so that no one IP address is ever assigned to one customer. This makes it much more difficult for scammers to get any closer than knowing which company services a multitude of customers. Right now the internet is the virtual equivalent of the wild west, and protecting yourself with measures like hide IP will significantly improve your chances of not having your identity stolen.

Since the internet is global, the person does not even have to live in the same country (and face the same penalties) as you to steal your identity. 44 percent of all internet users are in Asia, and one of them could be using a web data mining tool to get your personal information. Nothing will happen to them and you will have a huge amount of headache to deal with. Be sure to hide ip and stay safe from these predators.

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